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Our Work

  • Research & insights
  • Customer archetype
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand messaging
  • Identity design
  • Art Direction
  • Sales Materials
  • Marketing comps
  • Packaging direction
  • Web design

The Challenge

Establishing a new look for a larger audience

Slingshot was launching 4 new and unique 2020 vehicles, each with a specific value proposition, feature set, price point, and goal target consumer. A key hurdle was that to the untrained eye, they looked similar - all the more reason for differentiated product positionings, taglines, and supporting branding and communications. They need to modernize the brand to expand and reach a younger audience.


A Slingshot is more than a vehicle, it’s a tribe.

Brand Strategy

Brand DNA

Based on Slingshot’s history and capabilities, we established a brand DNA to help guide their brand growth. 

A strategic framework was developed to define and separate each of the Slingshot products.

— Chris Sergeant, GM, Slingshot

"We Are Bill took the time to really understand our Brand and Customers to create assets and branding that enabled clearer and tighter messaging!”

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